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Issue 4- Summer 2020

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Issue 3 - Spring 2020

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Issue 2 - Autumn 2019

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Issue 1 -Summer 2019

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This essay explores German artist Käthe Kollwitz’s antiwar graphic work in the context of the German, and later, international No More War movement from 1920 to 1925, where it played an important role in antimilitarist campaigns, exhibitions, and publications, both in Germany and internationally. Looking at Kollwitz’s production closely, we discover a deeply pragmatic artistic strategy, where the emotionality of Kollwitz’s famed prints was the result of tireless technical, formal, and compositional investigation, contrived to maximize emotional impact. By choosing the easily disseminated medium of printmaking as her main vehicle and using a deliberately spare but powerful graphic language in carefully chosen motifs, Kollwitz intended her art to reach as broad an audience as possible in engaging antiwar sentiment. In connection with the leading antiwar voices of the time, including French Nobel Prize-winning writer Romain Rolland and the founder of War Resisters’ International, Helene Stöcker, she deployed her work to reach beyond the confines of the art gallery, into internationally distributed posters, periodicals, and books.

Originally published in Arts 2020, 9(1), 36;

Käthe Kollwitz: Memorialisation as Anti-Militarist Weapon by Dr Ann Murray

(Scholarly peer-reviewed essay)


Prendergast-Cork Voices of WWI.jpg

Review of

Cork Voices of World War I

Jean Prendergast (2017)

by Gerry White

(click on image to read review)

Guenther-postcards from the trenches.jpg

Review of

Postcards from the Trenches - A German Soldier's Testimony of the Great War

Irene Guenther (2018)

by Ann Murray

(click on image to read review)


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